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Lowcoder supports Workspaces. These are isolated rooms to organize:
  • User-Groups
  • Users
  • Data Sources
  • Predefined Data Queries
  • ​Apps & App Folders
  • ​Themes​
  • Global includes (Javascript / CSS)
To activate this function, please add the ENV Variable: COMMON_WORKSPACE_MODE=SAAS
The Workspace is a tool to use for organizing groups or user access to Apps. It is also used to apply a theme to a set of Apps.
A list of Workspaces
In the public Lowcoder Cloud, the amount of Workspaces is limited to 10.
In the upper right corner, at the profile, you can find the possibility to switch between your Workspaces.
Switch between Workspaces

Apps & App Folders

​In Lowcoder you can create Apps. Each App represents what you can create on a single Screen. Often a complete application consists of multiple Apps. You can then organize these relationships in App Folders or separate them by Workspaces.​
Organize Apps into Folders to create order and show relationships


You can create multiple themes for your apps and select a style theme for each app individually. However, each Workspace has its own collection of themes.
Themes helps to style Applications individually

Global Includes

It is possible to include global CSS styles to fine-tune the visuals of Apps. Also, it may be needed to include a Javascript script, which is executed for all Apps of a Workspace. With the help of global includes you can achieve Workspace.