Migration from Openblocks

With Lowcoder v1.1.8 we created a drop-in replacement for Openblocks v1.1.8. To run it, no changes were required.

However, to migrate from Openblocks or Lowcoder 1.1.8 to Lowcoder 2.0,0, some changes are required and these are the steps to be followed:

Migrating from Openblocks (or Lowcoder v1.1.8) to Lowcoder v2.0.0

if not using Lowcoder v1.1.8 or the latest Openblocks released version (v1.1.8), please upgrade first to Openblocks v1.1.8

1) stop your Openblocks/Lowcoder:

docker-compose down

2) create a backup copy of the openblocks-stacks folder

3) rename the openblocks-stacks folder to lowcoder-stacks

mv openblocks-stacks lowcoder-stacks

4) Download the latest docker-compose file.

download docker-compose.yaml or docker-compose-multi.yaml file depending on which installation you prefer (all-in-one or multi-images)

5) Adapt standard values to your Installation

Edit the docker-compose file and make sure to update these settings - values have to match exactly what you had in your Openblocks version:


6) start your Lowcoder

docker-compose up -d

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