MySQL is a popular relational database management system (RDBMS) and is widely used in various industries due to its scalability, flexibility, and ease of use.


  • Get MySQL database connection parameters from the database owner.

  • Refer to IP allowlist to add IP addresses of Lowcoder to your allowlist (if needed).

Connect to MySQL data source

Follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new data source in two ways. Note that this permission is restricted to workspace admins and developers.

    • Navigate to the Data Sources tab on Lowcoder Homepage and click New data source.

    • When creating a new query in the app editor, click + New > + New data source.

  2. Select Database > MySQL as the data source type.

  3. Set its name and configure general settings, including host, port, and database name. You can also set the user name and a password.

  4. (Optional) Click Test connection to check whether the new data source is successfully connected.

  5. Click Save, and it will be saved to your data source library.

Query a MySQL data source

Create query1 and select the recently created data source. Insert a query and then click ▶ Run.

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