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App or Module?

A Module is a special type of App, which can be re-used inside of other Modules or Apps and especially it is possible to embed the Module directly in your native Web-Application outside of Lowcoder.

The Editor for Apps and Modules is the same, only Modules have some extra settings and parameters regarding the embedding.

If you would like to embed or re-use your Application, choose "Module". If you want only to build a fullscreen Application and eventually hang it in a Navigation, use "App".

Be aware that nested Modules "in each other" can cause a slowdown of the Application. It is always a consideration of listed elements in terms of the re-usability of child components or faster Application behavior. When creating Modules, testing regarding the speed of the overall Application and consumption of resources is necessary.

Create a new Application or Module

Click New > App (or Module) on the upper right of Lowcoder Admin Page. The App or Module will get created and the view switches automatically to the App Editor.

Only workspace admins and members of Developers group can create apps.

You can rename the App at the left-top of the App editor.

Export and import an app

Export an app

Apps can get exported to a JSON Definition file at multiple places. For example, click your app name and select Export to JSON, the app will be exported to a JSON file.

Import an app

You can import an existing app in a JSON format by clicking New > Import.

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