Data source basics

Data source is where you manage credentials and make connections to various popular databases such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and all kinds of internal or third-party APIs.

Lowcoder stores your credentials securely and does not store any data from your requests or responses. It only serves as a proxy between client side and your data sources.

Connect to a new data source

Check out IP allowlist and add Lowcoder IP addresses to your data source allowlist when needed.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click Data Sources on Lowcoder homepage.

  2. Click New data source on the upper right. This permission is restricted to workspace admins and developers.

  3. Select the database or API type you need to connect.

  4. Fill out data source connection fields. See docs in Connect to databases and Connect to APIs for detailed tutorials.

  5. Click Test connection to check whether you can make a successful connection to data source based on current settings.

  6. Click Save.

You can also connect to a new data source when creating or editing queries in query library or query editor.


Only workspace admins and developers can view the Data Sources page and create new data sources.

For each data source, workspace admins and the creator can change its Access Control. Go to Lowcoder homepage > Data Sources, and click ยทยทยท > Access Control.

For more information about permissions for data sources, see Data sources.

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