Cloud & Private Cloud

Lowcoder is available online. You can start directly to build Applications.

We offer a hosted version of Lowcoder in this shared public cloud for free. We take care of updates, security, and scaling of the underlying infrastructure in a multi-docker deployment.

The public cloud has a central database for all users and applications. We suggest using the public cloud to get to know Lowcoder and make your first tests and Apps.

For companies and enterprises, it is suggested to work in an isolated environment with its own database and infrastructure. For this, we offer a private cloud subscription. Technically it is the same Lowcoder stack and Version - but with an individual and isolated configuration in a region you choose US, EU, or ASEAN.

For private cloud setups, we offer the possibility to connect your own domains.

We host Lowcoder in secure, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISAE 3402 & PCI-DSS certified SafeHost data centers, ensuring an exceptionally low risk of flooding, landslides, or earthquakes and the highest data security. Backups are organized every night for all infrastructure components and the Databases as Snapshots.

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