Date handling

Day.js is a lightweight JavaScript library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting dates and times, designed to be a simpler and smaller alternative to Moment.js.

Day.js is already included in Lowcoder, so you can directly begin using it to work with dates and times by creating Day.js objects using dayjs(). This function accepts various formats, including strings, Date objects, and UNIX timestamps, allowing for flexible date and time manipulation such as adding or subtracting time, formatting dates, and comparing dates.

You can read how to use Day.js in their excellent Documentation here:

Day.js Plugins

To enhance Day.js's functionality, developers can utilize its plugin system, which allows for the inclusion of additional features not available in the core library.

Since Lowcoder Version 2.3.1, we load all DayJS plugins automatically

An overview of Day.js Plugins:

You can use Day.js Plugins at all places in Lowcoder that support {{ }} Handlebar notation.

Quarter: {{dayjs().format('Q')}}

Day of Month with ordinal: {{dayjs().format('Do')}}

Week of year: {{dayjs().format('w')}}

{{dayjs('2013-11-18 11:55').tz('Asia/Taipei')}}

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