Permissions for Resources

Lowcoder implements Role-based Access Control (RBAC) by assigning a set of permissions to different roles. These permissions determine the actions users can take on resources, including apps, modules, navigations, folders, query library, and data sources.

Only workspace admins and members of Developers group are allowed to create resources. Workspace admins are in fact the owner of all resources.

1) Application Folders

Folders help you sort out the Apps, Modules, and Navigations in your Workspace. Only workspace Admins and members of Developers group have the following permissions for folders:

  • Create

  • Rename

  • Delete

  • Move Apps, Modules and Navigations into or out of folders

2) Apps, modules, navigations

The way permissions are applicable for Apps, Modules, and Navigations are the same.

The owners of an App, a Module, or a Navigation can add members and assign different roles to them. To set Permissions for Users or Usergroups use the Share button in the App Editor at the top right, then click Add members.

Choose members and / or groups from the list and set roles for them.

The available roles and their corresponding permissions are listed in the table below.

  • Viewer

  • View and use the app, module and navigation

  • Editor

  • View and use the app, module and navigation

  • Rename

  • Edit

  • Publish

  • Duplicate

  • Export

  • Owner

  • All permissions of Editor

  • Delete the app or module

  • Set roles for members

Anonymous User Access for Apps

If you want to make an app or a module or a navigation public to all users (including anonymous users), you can toggle on Make the app public in Share settings.

3) Data sources

Only workspace admins and developers can view the Data Sources page and create new data sources.

For each data source, workspace admins and the creator can change its Access Control. Go to Lowcoder homepage > Data Sources, and click ยทยทยท > Access Control.

In Access Control settings, add members or groups from the workspace, and then choose their roles (Can use or Can manage).

The permissions of these two roles are listed in the following table:

  • Can use

  • Use data source when editing an app/module/navigation/library query

  • Can manage

  • Use data source when editing an app/module/navigation/library query

  • Edit data source

  • Delete data source

  • Manage data source permission roles

4) Query library

Workspace Admins and members of Developers group can create Query Library in Lowcoder and have read, write, use, and delete permissions for queries (if they can use the query's corresponding data source).

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