S3 File Storage

With the S3 Datasource Plugin, you can connect to your Amazon S3 Storage to upload and manage Files.

Prepare Amazon S3 Buckets

Next to Buckets, you need to create a User to configure Access Keys

Now you can create the Access Keys

Create a Datasource to Connect to your Bucket

To use Amazon S3, you need to connect to your Buckets.

The URL contains the Amazon AWS Region, in which you created the Buckets. This does not affect replica regions.


Upload Files

With the help of the file upload component, you can now gather the data that you want to upload as Fle to your Bucket. There are two possible file types in general.

  • Text based Files like JSON or CSV

  • Binary Files

Binary files are represented in the Browser as base64 encoding. However, after the transport to the S3 Bucket, they will be available as binary files.

From the possible actions of the S3 Datasource Plugin you can choose "Upload file" and fill in the settings.

List Buckets and Files

Choose "List Buckets" to get a JSON List of your S3 Buckets.

// Response of "List buckets"
    "name": "lowcoder-documentation-bucket"

With the name of the Bucket you can now request a list of all Files.

// Response of "List files"
    "name": "open_issues.json",
    "size": 247285,
    "lastModified": "2023-06-24T18:28:51.000Z",
    "signedUrl": "",
    "url": "https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/lowcoder-documentation-bucket/open_issues.json"
    "name": "test.json",
    "size": 236646,
    "lastModified": "2023-06-24T18:17:13.000Z",
    "signedUrl": "",
    "url": "https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/lowcoder-documentation-bucket/test.json"

Read / use Files

Based on Bucket & File name you can now request the Data of Files.

An alternative way to access the File is via the secure Link (Signed URL). To get the "signed Link URLs" for your files, just use the "List files" method including the "Return signed url" checkbox.

You can now use the URL of each file and for example, display it in the File viewer or with the Image Component.

Delete Files

You can use the Method "Delete file" to ... delete a single file from your Bucket.

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