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Follow the steps below to create a service account for your Google Cloud project and share your Google sheet through the **** service account key.

Create a service account key

Follow the steps below:

  1. Enable the Google Sheets API of your Google Cloud project.

  2. Select APIs & Services > Credentials from the left panel.

  3. Click + CREAT CREDENTIALS > Service account to create a new service account.

  4. Get a service account key:

    1. Click the Email of the service account.

    2. Click KEYS > ADD KEY > Create new key.

    3. Select JSON as the key type.

    4. Click CREATE to download it.

Now the service account key, in a JSON format, is downloaded to your device. Make sure to keep it somewhere safe.

Share your Google sheet

Navigate back to to Google Sheets, and follow the steps below to share your sheet through the **** service account key.

  1. Open the JSON file of the key.

  2. Copy the value of client_email, which is an identity used for access management of your sheet.

  3. Click Share at the top right and paste the copied client_email value to add a member with access.

  4. Select Editor as the role and click Send.

When you see the notification Access updated, you have authorized this service account to edit your sheet.

Connect Google Sheets to Lowcoder

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click Data Sources on Lowcoder homepage.

  2. Click New Data Source on the top right. Note that this permission is restricted to workspace admins and developers.

  3. Select Database > Google Sheets as the type.

  4. Set its name and paste the whole content in the JSON flie of the key to Service Account.

  5. Click Save, and you can check it in your data source library later.

  6. To access and manipulate data in your app, you can fill in the Spreadsheet id and Sheet Name in a query editor as follows.

    The available methods are Read Data, Append Row, Update Row, and Clear Row.

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