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Lowcoder's ability to run apps natively within other web apps addresses many of the challenges businesses face in today's digital landscape. It offers a holistic solution that caters to diverse needs, from enhancing a company's online presence to providing specialized functionalities and ensuring a consistent user experience across platforms.

By allowing apps to run both in the browser and natively within other web apps, Lowcoder offers unparalleled flexibility. Developers and businesses can choose the best deployment method based on their specific needs, whether it's a standalone web app, an integrated module within a larger system, or a feature within a mobile app.

Content Management Systems (CMS) are widely used to manage and publish content on the web. With Lowcoder's SDK, businesses can directly integrate custom apps into their CMS platforms. This means they can enhance their websites with specialized functionalities without having to rely on third-party plugins or extensive custom development.

Integrating apps directly into websites or web apps ensures a seamless user experience. Users won't need to switch between different platforms or interfaces; everything they need is available within a single unified environment.

By leveraging Lowcoder's capabilities, businesses can reduce the costs associated with developing separate apps for different platforms. They can build once and deploy everywhere, whether it's on their website, CMS, or as a native mobile app.

The Lowcoder platform likely simplifies the app development process, enabling rapid prototyping and deployment. This speed is further enhanced when integrating apps directly into existing systems, as there's no need for extensive integration work.

One of the challenges businesses face is maintaining consistency across various platforms. With Lowcoder's approach, the same app can be deployed in multiple places, ensuring a consistent look, feel, and functionality.

By allowing apps to be published across various platforms, businesses can reach a broader audience. Whether users interact with the app on a company's website, within a web app, or on their mobile device, they get the same functionality and experience.

As technology evolves, the lines between web apps, websites, and native mobile apps are blurring. By adopting a platform like Lowcoder that bridges these gaps, businesses are better positioned to adapt to future technological shifts and user behavior changes.

After the blue section and before the FAQs you see (or not to see so obviously) a native embedded Lowcoder APP in a website. This is not an IFrame - but a native embedding, which creates the HTML elements of the Lowcoder App in the HTML hierarchy of the Website.

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