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Native embed SDK

The key advantage for React developers using Lowcoder is the ease of embedding Lowcoder apps directly into the React component hierarchy. This native integration means that Lowcoder apps can be treated as part of the React tree, ensuring a smooth and cohesive user experience. Developers can place Lowcoder apps within their existing React components, maintaining the structural and stylistic consistency of their applications.
Moreover, the interaction between React components and Lowcoder apps is exceptionally fluid. React developers can directly manipulate the state of Lowcoder apps, invoke methods, and handle events, creating a highly interactive and responsive environment. This direct interaction is a game-changer, as it allows for real-time data exchange and dynamic behavior within the application.
For instance, a React developer can easily update the state of a Lowcoder app based on user interactions or external data changes in their React components. This two-way communication ensures that the embedded Lowcoder apps are not just static elements but integral, interactive parts of the overall application.
The ability to interact with Lowcoder apps through state management, method calls, and event handling in React also simplifies the development process. Developers can leverage their existing knowledge of React's ecosystem to control and customize Lowcoder apps, reducing the learning curve and accelerating development timelines.